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What is Bail Bonds? A Bail Bond is any amount of money required by the court to release a defendant from custody. And to guarantee his or her appearance in court.

What is Bail BondsA bail bondsman supplies the money in the form of a bond. They usually get a 10% – 8% fee from whatever the bond amount is.

  • We can write any Felony or misdemeanor bail bonds within minutes a bail agent can qualify you!

877-NOJAILS bondsman will assist with posting bail. At locations such as police departments and county jails.

Our bail agents can also post bail bond during your court hearing.

Once a bail bond is posted and the defendant is released. The Bail Agency becomes responsible for that defendants’ appearance in court.

No Jails services include mobile bail bondsman.

When the defendant completes his or her obligations with the judicial system. And court appearances are no longer mandatory.

The court exonerates the bond. The bail company receives notification. Only then will liability be released.

Bail Bonds Financial Responsibility877-NOJAILS will then release any and all collateral. Also the financial responsibility for the bail bond amount will be released.

Your bail bondsman will provide a receipt of release for collateral and financial responsibility once the bond is exonerated.

Our company is always evolving as the needs of our clients change and as new Bail Bonds options are created in the field.

You can rest assure that by working with No Jails BailBonds, you will receive the latest services.

  • Our agents make it our responsibility to know our clients and their Bail Bonds needs.

877-NOJAILS closely with our clients to ensure that the solutions we provide are tailored to meet their unique Bail Bonds situation.

We are committed to our client’s needs.

Bail Bonds Services in Orange County, Ventura County and Los Angeles County.

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