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Need investigative services? We offer private investigators experienced in defense. 877-NOJAILS handles all criminal defense services. Felony or misdemeanor cases Orange County, Los Angeles County and Ventura County.

Investigative ServicesDo you need Private Investigation Services. Other than criminal defense service? Therefore contact us at Cloaked Investigation our sister company handles array of private investigation services.

Do you have questions? Looking for answers? We offer free consultation.

Also we offer investigative services in Orange County, Los Angeles County & Ventura County Dually Licensed Bail Bondsman & Private Investigators.

Most of all our Agents have been involved in defense investigations and in the bail bonds industry for 15 plus years. Even more so our primary function is to bail our clients out of jail and fight criminal cases.

While, Domestic Violence is one example of how we can help. Therefore, as a result these cases can end up in two different court systems. Criminal Court and Family Court. Also, we investigated all types of criminal and civil cases.

Our Defense Investigative Services include:

In conclusion our services include: Propounding Discovery, Expert Witness, Witness Interview, Surveillance, Person Locate, Process Service, etc.. Hense, let us help you impeach witness testimony.

Furthermore we provide services throughout Orange County, Los Angeles County and Ventura County. Our main office is located in Huntington Beach Ca.

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